Session Information

If you decide to book a photo session with me, there are a few important things you should know.

  • I am located in Russell Springs, Kentucky. I am willing to travel to the location of your choosing at no charge, as long as the location is within 30 miles. If the location is more than 30 miles from my home, there will be an additional fee. Check the pricing page for more details.
  • You are in charge of your own session, so you get to choose the location. Although I love to do outdoor shoots, I also love to do sessions in your own home. If you would like some ideas for locations, let me know; however, here are a few tips:
  1. Small children tend to get distracted easily in new locations. Try to pick a spot that won’t distract them too much, such as a familiar park or the area around your own home.
  2. Try to avoid choosing locations in busy areas or heavily residential areas. You don’t want lots of power lines in your photos!
  3. Locations with lots of trees mean locations with lots of shady areas, which are awesome for photos!
  4. If you want to take photos in your own home, rooms with lots of windows and natural light result in the most gorgeous photos.
  5. I have a small studio lighting setup that I can bring with me for indoor photos, if needed.
  6. Lifestyle sessions work much differently from regular sessions.  During a lifestyle session, I want to capture natural moments that take place in your home.  As a result, I will not be providing you with posing directions as much as suggestions on activities you can do that will enable me to document the reality of your lives.  If you would like more information on lifestyle sessions, please contact me.
  • Upon choosing a date for your session, I will send you a copy of a contract and release form, which you should sign and return to me within a week in order to reserve your date. The contract will address all legal aspects of the session, but it also outlines all the services I promise to provide to you for your session. You can sign the documents electronically and e-mail it to me, or you can print the signature pages and mail them to me, whichever is most convenient for you.
  • If you need some ideas for what to wear, let me know. I can send you some color schemes that work well together; however, I also have a few tips for wardrobe choices as well:
  1. Although photos in which everyone is wearing khaki and white or khaki and black look good, photos with everyone wearing different (but coordinating) colors look amazing.
  2. Consider your location. Autumn trees complement rich colors well, while springtime flowers make pastels look great!
  3. If you are having maternity pictures taken, try to avoid wearing a solid dark color or a solid light color. You want to accentuate that beautiful bump, and super dark and super light colors will do the opposite. You also want to avoid crazy patterns or super bulky clothes.

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