Finn’s Getting a Sister!

Finn and his sweet parents are no strangers to my blog.  I have been photographing Finn since he was born, and I have told everyone who will listen about how fantastic he and his parents are.  If you have followed Natalie and Grant’s journey to become parents, you know their story.  So, you can probably understand why, when Natalie sent me a picture of an ultrasound photo and the news that Finn would soon be a big brother, I was shocked…in one of the best ways possible!  I’m absolutely overjoyed for this family and can’t wait to meet the sweet gal who will be joining them soon.

When we shot this session, Finn was far too busy having fun to be bothered with many photos.  I still managed to move quickly enough to get a few sweet shots of him and spent the rest of the session catching up with his parents and documenting this amazing time for Natalie.  I can’t wait to meet the sweet little girl who is destined to be gorgeous…and very, VERY loved.

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