Paige: Softball

Remember Paige?  She was that super awesome gal who dressed in a ball gown in the middle of a field and laid in a creek (not in a ball gown, but still awesome) for epic senior photos at the start of the school year.  If you don’t remember, check out the photos and information about just how incredible Paige is here.

Since that session, I have come to know Paige even better…and loved every minute.  Her sense of humor, super sharp wit, and drive to be successful have impressed me more and more over the course of the school year.

When we shot Paige’s senior photos in September, we knew we wanted to do softball-themed photos later in the year as well.  Once softball season rolled around, we met at the field one day to get a few quick shots.  Once again, Paige provided me with epic ball gown shots (and gorgeous other shots) that made me squeal with joy from behind my camera.

Paige, thank you for all the laughs and fun moments this past year, both during our photo sessions and in my classroom.  ❤

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