Alex & Heather: Class of 2016

I would like to introduce you to Alex and Heather.

Alex and Heather were two of the students I had in my DC English IV class this year, and I absolutely adored them both.  As I got to know them over the course of the year, I learned that although they are twins and have a TON of similar traits, they are also two very unique individuals in their own ways.

They are both hard workers with kind hearts and giving spirits.  They both work diligently at their studies and part-time jobs, give back to their community, and make those around them laugh with their quick wit and goofy personalities. They are both incredibly respectful, dependable, and intelligent, and I’m going to miss them both dearly now that they have graduated and moved on to bigger and better things.


Alex was the student in class I could always depend upon to turn in his papers early.  When assignments were given, he always got started immediately and completed each one with a high degree of quality.  Even though English was definitely not his favorite subject, he excelled in my classroom.  Even if everyone else was distracted, Alex was always paying attention.  When we had class discussions, Alex’s always contributed powerful points, and for his senior project, Alex visited another high school to give a presentation on the dangers of texting while driving AND drinking and driving.  When I saw the video of him standing in front of a large crowd of students in a gymnasium, giving his hour-long presentation, I was incredibly impressed.  However serious he was about his schoolwork, however, he was equally as goofy when the time was right.  I could always count on Alex to add the perfect witty comment to any conversation or make a goofy face at his twin sister across the room when I turned my back (don’t think I didn’t know what you were doing, Alex).  When we were finishing this session after school one afternoon in Campbellsville and my husband and kids showed up to pick me up (we make the long ride together to and from work and school each day), it was Alex who had a foot race with Gavin, let Gavin use his football jersey as a turtle shell, and sent old practice jerseys for him to play in the next day.


Every year, there are a few students I come to know and recognize as the students I would have been best friends with, had I been born later in life and attended school with them.  Heather was one of those students this year.  She is incredibly smart, super hard-working, and has one of the kindest hearts I know.  She loved English, and it showed through the work she did for me this past year.  When life got in the way and she wasn’t able to complete her work as well as she wanted, she was humble enough to say so and work harder to make it better.  At the same time, her sense of humor allowed her to laugh at herself…and keep me laughing all year.  Heather was one of those students with whom conversation was a breeze.  She always knew exactly what to say to get me distracted in class, and when we had opportunities for conversations outside of class, they usually included one (or both) of us replying to the other with “Same!”  One thing I will remember most about Heather, however, is the size of her heart.  For her senior project, she worked with some of her friends to raise money for a drug rehabilitation center, and seeing the tears in her eyes when she talked about visiting the center and what she learned about herself as a result was one of my favorite moments as a teacher this year.  When she came back from her first day of an internship at the therapy center that Finley visits twice a week, the look on her face when she talked about helping a little girl walk on her own earned her a permanent spot in my heart.

Alex and Heather, you are both going to be missed dearly when I walk into my classroom again in August.  I know you will both do amazing things for this world, and I look forward to seeing what they are.  ❤

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