Jessie, Matt, Addison, Hudson, and Hayes

You might remember this sweet family from the session I did for them last January.  Jessie has been one of my favorite people since middle school.  As long as I have known her, Jessie has been one of the most positive and bubbly people I know.  She never fails to make me laugh, and taking photos of her family means lots of laughter.  For this session, I got the opportunity to meet the newest member, Hayes.  Hayes is one of the most laid-back babies I have ever photographed.  He hardly made a peep throughout the entire session and had no problems whatsoever with being passed from sibling to sibling for photos.  His big sister, Addison, would have held him for every single shot, if we had let her.  His big brother, Hudson, was a little camera-shy, but I’m always up for a good challenge!

Enjoy a few favorites from my session with Jessie, Matt, Addison, Hudson, and Hayes below!

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