Finn’s First Birthday Party

Finn is no stranger to my blog.  He has been a familiar face here ever since he met his parents, Natalie and Grant.  What Finn has become to me over the course of the past year is a precious little soul that I absolutely adore.  I sing his parents’ praises in every post of his photos, so I won’t gush as much this post…but just know that my entire family loves Finn’s entire family a whole lot.

Last month, Finn celebrated his first birthday with some pretty incredible people.  David and I helped celebrate by taking photos during the party (me) and creating a little video to commemorate Finn’s day (David).  I will get to the photos in a minute.  First, check out the sweet video David created below:

I know he’s my husband, but I think David has some pretty awesome skills behind a camera as well.

Thank you, Natalie and Grant, for allowing us into your lives.  We are truly better people because we know you.

Enjoy a few photos from Finn’s first birthday party below.


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