Thank You For Being Awesome, 2015!

From beginning to end (well, almost the end anyway), 2015 has been an incredible year.  I have taken thousands of photos, driven hundreds of miles, and interacted with some of the best people I have ever met over the course of this year.  My clients have always been incredible, and this year I was blessed enough to see many of those clients for the second (or third, or even fourth) time while also meeting some insanely awesome new clients as well.  I have shot photos while standing on a diving board, wading in an ice-cold creek, crouching behind shelves of antiques, and clinging tightly to a life preserver.  This year saw the beginning of a new passion of mine–brand photography–and a little bit of Instagram fame for Gavin (my model) as a result (I’m talking to you, Mario Lopez!), and my ultimate photography goal of being published in Mozi Magazine become a reality.  I don’t know how I got this lucky.  I really don’t.  I just know that this has been a truly amazing year.  I mean, I got to see a baby being born this year because of photography.  I made friends with some of the kindest, most thoughtful small business owners in the world because of photography.  I helped educate fellow photographers about autism because of photography.

Frankly, I’m crying at my computer as I type this right now because of how grateful I am for the blessings photography has brought into my life this year.

Thank you to fellow photographers and business owners who have supported me this year.

Thank you to my children for inspiring me daily…and for playing along as my models.

Thank you to my husband for taking on childcare and household responsibilities full time this year, even when he returned to work this fall, so that I could pursue this dream.

And of course, thank you to each and every client who made this year possible for me.  I have loved every second.

As a little thank you, I wanted to share my favorite photo from each of the sessions I shot this year, along with a few favorites from my personal photos as well.  Choosing just one photo from each session was WAY more difficult than I ever imagined it would be.

This was 2015 for Lindsay Williams Photography.  Enjoy.  🙂

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