Cathy, Ron, Katelyn, and Caroline

As a photographer who usually photographs families with small children, I will be the first to admit that families with teenagers tend to intimidate me.  I can’t tell families with teenagers to have tickle fights or blow raspberries on one another’s cheeks.  I mean, I COULD…but that might make the session a little awkward and earn me a few strange looks.  However, my session with Cathy, Ron, Katelyn, and Caroline was anything BUT intimidating.  Cold, yes.  It was freezing, actually.  But this session was full of laughs, love, and lots of fun.

I have photographed Katelyn and Caroline before, and I am now proud to say that I have had both of these awesome young ladies as students.  Caroline is not only a student in my AP English Literature class this year, but she is also one of a handful of students who deemed me worthy of passing on a bit of my photography knowledge after school once a week.  We are all having fun discussing all things bokeh, and I’m super proud of how much Caroline has already learned in a short period of time!

This session was seriously a blast from start to finish.  Even though we had to take breaks to run into the sun for warmth from time to time, this sweet family never complained, kept each other laughing, and had a bond that made me want to call my own parents as soon as we finished to tell them how much I love them.

Take a look at my favorites from their session below.  Cathy, Ron, Katelyn, and Caroline…thank you for making your session so fun that I almost forgot I couldn’t feel my toes.  😉

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