Sarah & Brett: Engaged

When I met with Sarah for our first consultation several weeks ago (over ice cream, of course), I knew immediately that I would love working with her.  After spending time with her and her fiancée Brett during their engagement shoot recently, I was even more convinced.  Not only are they both incredibly gracious and kind-hearted, but they are two of the most down-to-earth people I have met recently.

For their engagement session, we headed to the farm where Brett proposed on a super gloomy, chilly day.  The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect for our session, and Sarah and Brett were up for anything I suggested.  Most importantly, however, I was able to witness, firsthand, the love and mutual respect that Sarah and Brett have for one another.  As we tromped through fields, tried not to tumble down hills, crouched in tall weeds (okay…that one was just me), and talked about wedding plans, I got more and more excited for their upcoming wedding.

Being chosen as a couple’s wedding photographer is always an honor and blessing.  When the couple is as wonderful as Sarah and Brett, it’s even more of a compliment.

Sarah and Brett, I can’t wait for your big day!

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