Kathryn: Class of 2016, Part 2

When I introduced you to Kathryn several weeks ago with this post, I told you a lot about what an awesome young lady she is.  Since that post, I have gotten to know Kathryn even more, and I am more convinced every day that she’s one of the sweetest people around.  Kathryn is so sweet that she even got a mention in Gavin’s letter to Santa this year, and he looks forward to the couple of hours every Friday that Kathryn watches him while David and I are still at work.

For this part of Kathryn’s senior photos, she put complete trust in me and was completely game for anything I suggested.  In fact, when we got to the Cumberland River (one of my favorite shooting spots), Kathryn actually asked ME if I was okay with her getting in the water for some shots.  We had tons of fun shooing away bugs, trying not to fall on mossy rocks, and chatting about life in between shots.

Check out my favorites from Kathryn’s session below.  Special thanks to Junk Pony for supplying the cool yellow chair for the shoot!

Kathryn, you are a gem, my dear!

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