Emily, Frank, Emma Jane, and Maggie Anne

Since I first started accepting paid photography jobs, I have had two families who have faithfully hired me every single year.  In addition to being loyal clients, those two families have become families I consider friends.  Yesterday, I blogged one of those families.  Today, I blog the other.

Emily, Frank, Emma Jane, and Maggie Anne make up one of the most amazing families I have met through my photography business.  When I first began photographing them, Emma Jane was a baby, and Maggie Anne had yet to join the family.  Since then, I have watched the family grow and the girls get bigger, and every year, I’m amazed at how fast time flies.

When I arrived at the location for the session, Emma Jane ran outside to greet me with a hug, and during the shoot, she and I had full-fledged conversations.  We talked about dinosaurs, and Emma Jane did her best dino roar and stomp imitations for me.  I got tons of smiles and laughs from Maggie Anne, and it felt like just yesterday that I was photographing her as a squirmy little newborn.  As always, Emily and Frank were incredibly sweet and treated me with gracious hospitality.

As always, I looked forward to their session for weeks… and I was sad when it was over.

Thank you for being some of the best people I know, Emily and Frank.  Your family has my heart. ❤

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