Kate, Nico, Maks, & Mati

When I first started photographing Kate, Nico, Maks, and Mati, the boys were teeny tiny.  I had just recently started accepting paid clients and had never met this sweet family.  I fell in love with them at that first meeting, and I look forward to their session every single year.  You might remember them from the video David produced as a surprise last year.  If you haven’t seen that video, you need to be sure to check it out in this post.  This year, Kate had the idea of doing their session at Keeneland in Lexington, where they live.  Even though I have lived in Kentucky my entire life, I had never even visited Keeneland prior to this session.  Within my first few seconds on the property, I knew that Kate had picked an absolutely perfect location.

As always, I had such fun with Kate, Nico, and their sweet boys.  One of my favorite things about this family has always been the level of fun they bring to their sessions.  They played, laughed, and had pretend horse races.  Nico threw his boys in the air, Kate nearly had a few heart attacks, and the boys squealed with laughter from start to finish.  Maks helped me take a few photos, Mati grew more than I thought possible in a year, and both boys were such fun to photograph.

Thank you, Kate and Nico, for being so much more than simply dream clients.  In the last few years, you have also become dear friends.  ❤

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