MaKenzie: Class of 2016

I would like to introduce you to MaKenzie…or Kenzie, as I have come to know (and love) her as one of the students in the dual-credit English IV class that I teach.

Kenzie is smart, kind, and funny.  She hardly makes a peep in my classroom and always does whatever she is asked to do, but her personality truly shines in her writing.  I look forward to reading each of Kenzie’s essays and blog posts because I know I will learn more and more about the sweet soul that she possesses with each one.  When she was crowned homecoming queen this year, my oldest son Gavin had the honor of helping crown her, and the photos she posed with him for afterwards will forever be priceless to me.  I mean, check out his face…


We met up for our session after school one day, and Kenzie was such an incredible sport.  She did anything I asked of her, and she totally nailed every single shot.  Kenzie, I had such fun with you that afternoon, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of your senior year brings for you!

Check out a few of my favorites from Kenzie’s session below.

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