Brand Love: 5 Reasons to Love SwimZip

I want to talk about SwimZip for just a minute.

When I first discovered SwimZip on Instagram through a few posts by some awesome small shops, I fell in love with the awesome designs for the swim wear for kids first.

After looking into SwimZip a little more, I fell in love with every other aspect of the company, and I want to share a few of those things with you.

So, here are the reasons I absolutely, positively love SwimZip with every ounce of my being.  Like, the love is super strong, ya’ll.

  1. UPF Protection- My kids hate sunscreen. Period.  They hate that I have to rub them down, from head to toe, before every trip to the pool, beach, or park.  They hate that I have to repeat the process every couple of hours.  They especially hate when they are covered in sand at the beach and I have to rub them down, from head to toe.  And let’s be honest…I hate it too.  Imagine how much your kid hates that entire process.  Now imagine a kid with autism who hates having his face touched with anything other than kisses.  Applying sunscreen is my least favorite part of the summer.  With SwimZip, UPF 50 protection is built in.  I put them in their suits, stick a SwimZip hat on their heads or smear some sunscreen on their faces, and they are good to go.  Period.  End of story.
  2. Zippers- You guys.  I can’t even explain how much I love the full-length zippers on the rash guards from SwimZip.  Not only do they make putting the rash guards on a breeze, but taking them off when wet is as easy as pie.  I’m not exaggerating.  I no longer hear Finley screaming when removing his rash guard…or Gavin yelling, “You’re tearing my ears off!”  The zippers alone make me wish I could dress my kids in SwimZip rash guards every day of the year.
  3. The Designs- I like for my kids to be stylish, but cute.  SwimZip covers both bases for me.  The suits for girls make me wish I had a little girl to take to the beach, but the suits for boys make me super glad I get to shop in that department too.  Seriously.  They are the cutest.
  4. Grown-Up Choices– I am not happy with my weight, and going to the beach is usually a dreaded activity for me.  But this year, I purchased a SwimZip swimdress, and I LOVE knowing that I’m getting the same UPF benefits as my kids without worrying about my flabby thighs scaring small children away on the beach.  My swimdress is super comfy, super versatile, and super awesome.  The circle towels and sets for men are amazing too!
  5. Betsy- I have had a few conversations with the creator of SwimZip, Betsy Johnson, via e-mail the last few months, and she’s one of the sweetest gals I have met in a long time.  Her story and the story behind the creation of this awesome company is one you definitely need to read.  Be sure to check it out here.

Check out a few of my favorite photos of my boys from our recent trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia in their super awesome SwimZip rash guard sets below.  Thanks for helping them have a fun, safe summer SwimZip!  As always, the cool masks featured in some of the photos are from Opposite of Far!

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