Ahoy, Matey: A Pirate Photo Shoot on Driftwood Beach

Earlier this year, I started becoming interested in doing product photography shoots for small business owners.  Since then, the list of companies specializing in children’s clothing and accessories who have trusted me to photograph their products has grown to include some of the most fabulous companies I could have ever wished to discover.  Through my work with these companies, not only have I been able to get super creative with my photography, but I have also met some incredible ladies I now consider friends.  Their talents in creating unique items for kids blows my mind with every item I photograph.  The best part, however, is seeing how much joy my boys experience during the photo shoots.

When two of my favorite companies, Pip and Bean and Opposite of Far, and I first began discussing photographing the pirate capes, masks, and eye patches they had created, I knew the shoot would take place on Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Driftwood Beach is one of my favorite places in the entire world.  There are so many incredible things about Driftwood Beach, but my favorite is its absolute raw beauty.  The beach is located at the end of a short path through trees.  There are no signs pointing in its direction.  There is no parking lot or restrooms or souvenir shops or restaurants.  There’s a tiny patch of black top that extends from the side of the road a few feet–just enough room for a handful of cars to pull off from the roadway.  A person visiting Jekyll Island would easily drive right by without ever even knowing of its existence.  The beach itself is simply awe-inspiring.  See for yourself below.

After taking a few photos of the boys on the boardwalk behind our condo, I saved the main portion of the shoot for Driftwood Beach.  The morning I shot these photos was gloomy.  After Hurricane Joaquin blew by the coast of Georgia, the tide was much higher than normal for a few days.  Since we shot this session at low tide, the driftwood was still damp and dark from the water and the nooks and crannies of the branches contained tons of “treasure” for my boys to find, such as an entire horseshoe crab shell, completely in tact.  We spent around an hour on the beach, playing pirates and searching for cool stuff before heading back to our condo at Villas by the Sea.  I hope the photos below show not only the beauty of Driftwood Beach but the pure joy Gavin and Finley get from being at the beach and playing pretend.

Special thanks to Ahoy Amigo and Jolly Good Apparel for providing the tees you see in the photos below.  Both companies make incredible apparel for both children and adults with super high-quality materials in order to last through tons of wear and playtime.  Thank you as well to Pip and Bean for the perfect pirate capes and Opposite of Far for the beard and eye patch.  If you are looking for creative and unique ideas for dress-up play, both of these companies have the perfect solutions.  Please check out all four of these companies at the links below to see the cool stuff they have to offer!

Ahoy Amigo– Gavin’s “Party Like a Pirate” tee

Jolly Good Apparel– Finley’s “Jolly Mariner” tee

Pip and Bean– Pirate Capes

Opposite of Far– Pirate beard and eye patch


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