Paige: Class of 2016

Let me introduce you to Paige.

Paige is one of the best softball players in the entire state of Kentucky, she has an extraordinarily witty sense of humor, and she’s one of the awesome students in my dual credit English class.  Paige is loaded with school spirit, and she represents our school in a major way every time she walks into a classroom, onto a softball field, or into the bleachers to cheer on our other teams.  She is tough as nails while also being as sweet and caring as can be, and she looks as awesome in a softball uniform as she does in a ball gown.

Paige’s mom came along for Paige’s photo session, and I had a blast driving to each location with her and Paige.  Although Paige’s mom teaches right down the hall from me, we both stay so busy that we never get to chat much.  Paige’s session gave us a perfect opportunity to catch up, and I loved the chance to get out of “teacher mode” with her for a while.  We joked all evening that I was giving Paige plenty of material for the blog posts she is required to write for my class, and I am interested to see which of the awkward moments Paige chooses to include.  As for the photos themselves, Paige had some awesome ideas for her session.  Every senior session I have shot this year has made me love shooting seniors even more, and Paige’s session was one for the books.  I can’t wait to get her in front of my camera again.

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