Katlin & Steven

A couple of years ago, I swore I would NEVER shoot weddings.  They were too much stress…I had heard.  Then I proved the “never say never” phrase correct, took on my first few weddings, and knew instantly that shooting weddings is one of my absolute favorite parts of my photography business.  The pressure is real, and I spend the weeks leading up to a wedding worried about equipment malfunctions (even though I have backups), bad weather, and crazy scenarios where my appendix ruptures the morning of a wedding.  I know…insane, right?  But weddings are not “too much stress.”  In fact, weddings are the perfect mixture of excitement, fun, sweetness, and love.  And Katlin and Steven’s wedding day was one of the LEAST stressful days ever.

Although the day was super hot and started off so humid that we all felt like we needed to towel off after taking photos outside for even just a few minutes, it was filled with laughter and love.  Katlin and Steven are super adorable, and being around them was a true joy.  You can just FEEL the respect and adoration they have for one another and their families.  The bridal party was up for anything I asked them to do and Katlin and Steven’s families were incredibly kind to me the entire day.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, low-key, beautiful wedding, and I consider it a true honor that Katlin and Steven asked me to be part of it.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite photos from Katlin and Steven’s gorgeous day!

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