The Mitchell Family

The last time I photographed this adorable family, the newest addition was just a few days old.  This time, he was a sweet little guy with a killer army crawl and toothy little grin, and I was amazed by how much he had grown.  His older sisters are still as full of personality as before, and it was a true pleasure to spend time with this family.  Alicia, Cameron, and their crew were only in town for a couple of days, and Mother Nature had not been very cooperative in the days leading up to our session and earlier that day itself.  We decided to get started a little earlier than we had planned and hope for the best, and the change in the weather from the start of our session to the end was pretty incredible to witness.  I said, “Okay!  That’s it!  I think we got everything!” and the clouds opened up and rain started pouring down.  Check out some of my favorites from our session below.  Thank you again, Alicia and Cameron, for letting me photograph your amazing family! 🙂

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