Emily & Tyler’s Wedding Day

Emily and Tyler’s wedding was my first wedding of 2015, and it was a perfect wedding to kick off the season for me.  Although I have known Tyler for several years, their wedding day marked the first time I have actually met Emily.  After spending the entire day with her and her bridesmaids, I have found myself wondering why I don’t have more girls like them in my life!  Emily and her girls kept me laughing throughout the entire day, and there were a couple of moments where they got the groomsmen laughing for me as well.  One in particular will remain in my memory as one of my favorite wedding moments ever.  🙂

The day itself was a bit dreary, but the emotional atmosphere was nothing but sunny.  I loved all the darling personal touches to the wedding, and Emily’s attitude about the weather that day was so amazing that she grabbed me during the reception to go out into the rain for more photos.  As always, I cried during the mother-son dance, and Emily’s epic dance with her dad had me cracking up.

Thank you to Emily and Tyler for letting me be part of such an incredible day!  I had such a hard time choosing favorite to share below that I have included almost every single fully-edited image that Emily and Tyler received.  There were almost 400 additional images that received basic color edits in their gallery as well.  I can’t help myself.  I love, love, LOVE photographing weddings.  Enjoy!

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