Giles, Marian, Eva, & Clay

Almost every time I finish a session, I think I have finally decided which type of session is my absolute favorite.

Then I shoot another session and change my mind again.

This session was one of those that made me absolutely sure that child sessions are my favorite.  Then I took prom photos and decided those were my favorite.  Then I did a family session, and….well…you get my point.  I love them all.

This session reminded me why I love photographing children so much.  Little kids aren’t self-conscious.  They are always completely themselves in front of the camera, and they aren’t afraid to have fun during a session.  Giles, Marian, Eva, and Clay kept me on my toes, and I loved every second.  Giles and Marian are siblings, while Eva and Clay are their cousins from different sides of the family.  I loved seeing how different all their personalities are, and when Giles’s mama said he could dig in the mud at the end of the session, I might have squealed with glee. I had such fun hanging out with these four, and their parents are some of the sweetest people around.  I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session!

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