Jessie, Matt, Addison, & Hudson

I love all my clients, and I love taking on new clients who have followed my work and enjoy my personal style. However, there is something extra special about shooting for old friends and reconnecting with them as a result. My session with the adorable family in this post enabled me to do just that.

Jessie has been part of my life for almost twenty years. We first met in middle school,and I always saw Jessie as the insanely cute, funny, and sweet gal everyone loved. She’s still the insanely cute, funny, and sweet gal everyone loves, actually.  Jessie and I had the opportunity to get to know one another better during our senior year of high school when we worked on the school yearbook together, and to this day, Jessie still jokes that I copied off her in English class, since I won the overall English award she we graduated. Since then, Jessie’s presence in my life has remained a blessing. She’s the type of lady who sent me flowers on my first day back at work after my first child was born, sends cupcakes with thank you notes, and checked on Gavin for me on his first day of preschool camp.

For my session with Jessie’s family, Jessie had a few special requests.  She wanted to try to get some photos of her daughter, Addison, in her wedding gown and a few shots of her son, Hudson, to commemorate his first birthday.  We not only accomplished both of those goals, we kind of blew them out of the water.  The photos of Addison in her sweet mama’s wedding dress are seriously some of my favorite photos ever, and after spending some time with Addison and Hudson, I have no doubt that they are going to turn out to be just as sweet as their mama.

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from their session below.  🙂

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