Lauren & Zak

One of the perks of my job as a high school English teacher is the opportunity to meet and interact with some insanely awesome teenagers.  Every year I add more and more students to a long list of those who are etched in my memory for the rest of my career.  For the most part, those students leave such an impression on me for positive reasons…although there are a few with more notorious origins…and in the case of Lauren and Zak, I can honestly say that these two are treasures, both as students and photography clients.

When I first met Zak, he was a student in my senior English class.  Although English was not a subject he was passionate about, his positive attitude and genuine sincerity simply blew me away.  No matter what, Zak approached every obstacle with a smile on his face, and I never saw him treat anyone–student or staff–with anything less than pure kindness.  His love for life and his passion for serving others made him one of the most likeable students I ever met, and he found a perfect match with Lauren.  Although I never had the honor of being Lauren’s teacher, she is still one of those students I will never forget.  She’s thoughtful, sweet, and smart.  She’s the kind of girl who trades out your generic lunch for the name-brand Lunchable she brought for herself when you aren’t looking simply because you said you like those better.  She’s the kind of girl who goes out of her way to be kind to others, helps without being asked, and isn’t afraid to be herself.

Although Lauren and Zak are young, if there are any two people in this world who can make a young marriage work, it’s these two.  Their love is one of the sweetest, purest forms of love that I have had the joy of witnessing in a while, and I know that these two have a long life of happiness ahead of them.  I truly enjoyed photographing them for their engagement photos.  Our session was filled with laughter, the photos turned out perfectly, and our session was even crashed by a mother deer and her two fawns.  You will spy a couple of them in the last two photos below.  Look closely at the last photo.  There are two deer there.  Can you spot them both?

Also, I apologize for not sharing this session sooner.  I was keeping it to myself until Lauren shared the photos with Zak as a birthday gift, and then the holidays kept me so busy that I simply forgot to publish this post.  Enjoy some of my favorites from their adorable session below.  🙂

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