Shelby & Cody

Do you want to hear a really embarrassing story about me?

A few months ago, I was having a procedure done at my dentist’s office (who doubles as my BFF).  My dentist/BFF, Shana, knows I always get really nervous when I have dental work done, so I was donning my favorite dental chair attire–a mask over my nose–through which I was sucking nitrous oxide like there was no tomorrow.  I closed my eyes as Shana stuck needles in my gums and tried to focus on super intellectual thoughts like, Wonder Woman is amazing…Am I floating through a sea of cotton candy?…My legs feel so heavy!…I don’t know what this is that I’m rubbing, but it feels so nice!

Whatever I was rubbing DID feel really nice, so I decided to open my eyes to see what it was.  I already knew it wasn’t the cozy blanket provided by my dental office to keep me warm and comfy during my procedure, but I was a little bit surprised (only a little–that nitrous oxide is pretty relaxing stuff) to see that it was Shana’s assistant, Shelby, that I happened to be rubbing.  I think I apologized…but just in case…I apologize, Shelby.  Also, thank you for not freaking out when I started rubbing your leg that one time I was super happy about having a procedure done because I tried to suck the bottom out of the nitrous oxide tank.

What does any of this have to do with my photography business?  Nothing really, except that Shelby was the bride in the first wedding I ever booked, even though it was the last wedding of the four I shot in 2014.  It’s just a (kind of) funny story.

As for Shelby, I never would have started doing wedding photography if she hadn’t asked me to do hers about a year ago.  I came to know Shelby as the gal who helped Shana fix the mess I had made out of my teeth, but she quickly became my friend.  Although I was nervous to dive into the world of wedding photography, I knew that I would absolutely love photographing Shelby and Cody on their wedding day.

And I did.

I really could not have asked for a better wedding to close out my first official year in business than Shelby and Cody’s.  The day was calm, organized, and incredibly fun.  The bridesmaids felt like old friends, the groomsmen kept me laughing (and set a new record for quickest response to the words, “TICKLE FIGHT!”), and Shelby’s and Cody’s families are both full of some of the best people I have ever met.  I cried through Cody’s dance with his mom, enjoyed a piece of incredible cake from Rich in Blessings Bakery, and came home with a fresh reminder of how wonderful life is when it is spent with your best friend.

Cody, you married a beautiful gal with a heart of gold.  Shelby, the way Cody looks at you is one of the sweetest sights I have ever seen.

Thank you both for such a wonderful day, and thank you, Shelby, for being the catalyst that helped me discover a love for wedding photography.

These are just a few of my favorites from their day.  Check them out!  Also, special thanks to  Zach Grider and Zach Smith of Z2 Productions for being so awesome to work with (as always) and my second shooter, David Williams (yes, my husband), for capturing some really incredible shots for me and letting me boss him around all day. 🙂

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