Rock the Shot Challenge: Christmas Tree


At my house, I make my love for Christmas so obvious that my husband sometimes claims that I must be part Christmas elf.

I am.  I’m okay with that.  I’m pretty sure Mema was the source.

If you knew my grandmother, you would understand.

I didn’t take this photo with this challenge in mind.  It was actually for a different challenge for a private group on Facebook that I belong to as a result of attending the He Said She Said workshop in April with Jean and Travis Smith (which you can read all about here).  The challenge was to take a photo with a non-conventional light source, and the challenge itself provided me with an awesome opportunity to get a little more creative and step outside my comfort zone.  It also provided me with the opportunity to get my sweet Gavin to model for me, yet again.  He was a great assistant, way more cooperative and patient with me than normal, and he loved looking through the copy of The Night Before Christmas that my own mother read to me as a child.

I had a hard time choosing a photo for this challenge from that little session with Gavin, but I ultimately decided to go with the one that I didn’t use for the He Said She Said challenge, since I loved them both so very much.  If you’re curious, take a look at my other favorite.


I have plans to attempt a photo like this with both boys this weekend, but I am keeping my expectations pretty low.  If I am successful, I will definitely share the results here! 🙂

Head over to to check out all the pretty Christmas tree entries this month!

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