Meet Maggie Anne

Last Saturday I shot my last family session for 2014, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family to end the year with.  You might recognize Emma Jane, Emily, and Frank from a previous post when I took a few photos to document their last session as a family of three.  Well, their family has expanded, and I’m super excited to introduce everyone to Maggie Anne!

This little family has been one of my favorites to photograph since the early days of my photography business, and this particular session goes on record as being one of my very best.  Not only did the photos turn out exactly like I wanted, but Maggie Anne was in a fabulous mood for the duration of the session, Emma Jane and I had tons of fun together, and Emily and Frank were incredibly gracious and kind (as always).  I love all the families I photograph, but this one is extra dear to me.  I have been incredibly blessed to watch Emma Jane turn into such a sweet, smart, funny, dinosaur-loving little girl, and I absolutely cannot WAIT to see the awesome little personality that Maggie Anne develops.  I can only hope that she will love having photo session dance parties with me as much as her big sister does!

Take a look at some of my favorites from their session below.  I had a hard time eliminating some, so there are a few more than I normally post.  I didn’t think anyone would mind.  🙂


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