Terry, Tracy, & Ella

I’m not completely sure how to start this post.  I just don’t know how to put into words just how highly I think of the family featured in this post.  Terry, Tracy, and Ella are simply precious and define the concept of “good people” for me.  My husband, David, has known Terry for most of his life and has played music with him on occasion for several years.  Tracy and I met a few years ago when David and Terry were playing a gig together, and I simply could not get over how sweet she was.  In the years since, I have learned that her kindness was completely genuine, and she is truly one of the best people I know.  As for Terry, if anyone I know deserves someone like Tracy, it’s him.  He’s just as genuinely kind as Tracy, and both of them have been there for my little family several times throughout the last few years.

Terry, Tracy, and Ella’s session turned out to be one of the prettiest sessions I have ever had.  The colors were gorgeous, the day was beautiful, and we had such a fun afternoon together.  Ella was a perfect model, and I am so incredibly pleased with the photos below.  Having this family in my life has been such a blessing, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to preserve this time in their lives for them.

Check out some of my favorites from my session with Terry, Tracy, and Ella!

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