Donnie, Teresa, Lindsay, Jared, & Patterson

There are a lot of reasons that I encourage friends and family to have photos taken.  Most of the time, I simply want those I love to have photos to document this particular time in their lives.  I want them to remember the little habits and quirks that they each have so that they can look back on them years down the road and get the warm and fuzzies remembering the way life used to be.

My recent session with Donnie, Teresa, Lindsay, Jared, and Patterson was an important reminder of another reason I encourage people to have photos taken.

When Lindsay booked this session with me a few months ago, she did so out of a desire to document this time in their lives.  However, after Lindsay’s dad, Donnie, experienced a medical scare a few weeks ago, this session became even more precious to all of them.  Lindsay and her family experienced a reminder that those we love can easily leave our lives in a heartbeat, and I am so grateful to look at these photos and see Donnie’s smile in them.

After a week full of terrible weather, the rain stopped, the sun started shining, and I was able to capture photos that Lindsay and her family will always treasure.  Nothing makes me happier, as a photographer, than feeling like my photos matter.  Take a look at a few of my favorites from Donnie, Teresa, Lindsay, Jared, and Patterson’s session below.


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