The Eysenbachs & Dockerys

Those who know me well know that I’m always up for a challenge.  I love to try to tackle something that seems a bit daunting at first so that I can later brag that I was able to do the impossible.  My recent session with the Eysenbachs and Dockerys provided me with one of those challenges in the form of a tiny little gal who positively refused to smile for me.  Sweet little Cora was not a fan of my camera, and although I was able to get her to help me snap a few photos (which she loved), when I turned the camera on her, she frowned.  Or tried to hide.  Basically, she did NOT want to have her photo taken and was not going to smile for me.

Or so she thought.  🙂  I finally managed to get some smiles from Cora during my session with her amazing family.  I had a blast photographing Ted, Pam, Tess, Adam, Sophia, Caleb, Cora, Claire, Amy, Nate, Teddy, Kelly Jo, Luke, Keaton, and Maggie.  The kids were adorable, the adults were incredibly kind to me, and the afternoon was beautiful (although so windy I thought we might all blow away).  Take a little peek at some of my favorites.  I can’t wait to work with this family again next year!

Special thank you to the Gossages for letting us run around their property for the afternoon!


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