Rock the Shot Challenge: Black & White Portrait

2014-07-13 gavin 219-bw

When Rock the Shot announced the theme for this month’s photo challenge, black and white portrait, I wasn’t sure which photo I would enter.  In fact, I planned on trying to take a new one for the challenge.

Then, today, as I browsed through my favorite photos, I smacked myself on the forehead for not realizing this photo was perfect.  My sweet Gavin loves nothing more than superheroes, so when I took his photos for his fourth birthday recently, we focused part of our session on his alter ego, “Super Gavin.”  Although I am not a studio photographer, I knew I wanted to focus Gavin’s photos solely on who he is without any distractions, so my fabulous friend Candice of C Robertson Photography graciously allowed me to use her studio space for the morning.  This photo is just one of the many I loved most, and I am proud to enter it for this month’s challenge.

Head over to to check out all the fun entries this month!

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