Profiles: A Paul Mitchell Salon

I love getting my hair done.  Like…a lot.  Of course I love feeling pretty when I leave because my hair stylist, Jason, has transformed my lion’s mane into pure fabulousness (I just made up that word.  I’m allowed.  I teach English.), but the main reason I love getting my hair done is the fun atmosphere at my salon, Profiles.  I always feel like a visit to Profiles is a tiny little vacation that I have taken with amazing friends who keep me laughing the entire time.  My trip to Profiles to do a few shots for their advertising campaign was no different.

Seriously, ya’ll…I don’t think I have ever laughed as much or as hard as I did while shooting the crew at Profiles.

Jason, Jackie, Jamie, and Angela are so much fun to be around, and sometimes I wish my hair grew a lot faster so I would have an excuse to visit them more often.  Not only can Profiles hook you up with awesome hair and nails, but they can also hook you up with a relaxing massage.  After watching one take place for photo purposes, I now know what I’m asking Santa to bring this year…a trip to see Angela at Profiles!

Check out a few of my favorite photos from my session at Profiles below.  These four are true professionals and did an awesome job for their serious advertising shots, but the second I asked them to let their personalities shine through in some fun shots, all bets were off and my sides started aching from laughing so hard.

See why I can’t wait for my next appointment?


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