Asher is Turning TWO!

You might remember Asher from my post last month full of photos of him with my two little guys in a field of sunflowers.  Asher is the son of my friend, Leslie, and sometimes when I think about how quickly time has passed since my friendship with Leslie first began, I am a little amazed.  Fourteen years ago, Leslie and I were piling into our friend Elizabeth’s Honda Civic and traveling the area to cheer on the RCHS Laker football team…and then the basketball team…and then the baseball team.  Fourteen years ago, Leslie and I spent hours in the upstairs office of her house burning CDs full of Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears songs.  Fourteen years ago, Leslie and I were just a couple of high school kids who never imagined we would still be friends and have kids of our own fourteen years later.

This Saturday, I will be photographing Asher’s second birthday party, and I’m so excited for the opportunity to celebrate with him.  He’s one of the smartest little two-year-olds I think I have ever met.  He absolutely adores big trucks, construction equipment, and playing in the dirt…so what could be better than photos at a construction area for a session to commemorate this incredible time in his life?  When I left Asher’s session, I was covered in dirt (and a few scrapes and scratches) from head to toe from throwing myself down on the ground a few times to get the perfect shot, and every single speck of dirt was worth it for the photos you will see below.  Special thanks to Leslie’s sister, Alicia, for this adorable idea, and special thanks to Leslie as well for getting in contact with the proper authorities to get permission to use this particular area for photos.

I never post every shot from a session on my blog, but I’m so in love with Asher’s session that I couldn’t bear to leave out a single photo.  Enjoy.

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