Jill, Jenna, & Lauren

Do you remember how I confessed a few posts back that the 7-8 year age range might be a new favorite?  Let’s go ahead and make that 7-9.

Jenna and Lauren were so much fun to photograph.  During their session, I wanted more than anything to first figure out how to tell them apart myself and then allow their individual personalities to make their identities shine through in their photos.  I feel like I accomplished both of those goals.  I can tell you immediately who’s who in each photo, and I can also tell you that these photos are some of my favorites right now.

I have known Jenna and Lauren for a few years now and have always known they were complete sweethearts, but I didn’t know just how awesome they are until I got to spend a little time with them for their session.  The love they have for their mom is obvious, they take great care of their adorable dog Holly, and they are better at gymnastics at nine years old than I ever dreamed to be when I was younger.  And can we just talk about how beautiful their mom, Jill, is for just a second?  I don’t know that I have ever seen three more gorgeous gals all together in one spot before.  😉

Thanks for making me feel so welcome at your home, Jill, and thanks for being so incredibly fun to hang out with, Jenna and Lauren!

Check out a few of my favorites from Jill, Jenna, and Lauren’s session below!

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