Little Boys, Blue Jeans, and Sunflowers

I love for my boys to have play dates with other kids their age.  Since they don’t attend daycare or school (yet), they don’t get many opportunities to be around other children, so I like to take advantage of those opportunities whenever I can.  So when my friend, Leslie, asked if the boys and I wanted to meet up with her and her son, Asher, in a beautiful field of sunflowers, I was super excited.  A play date that also functions as a photo session with my kiddos and another adorable little boy?  That might be my idea of heaven, actually.  The photos that resulted from our play date are some of my favorites, to date.  I tried to choose just a few favorites to share, but it was so hard that I think I have included most of them in this post.  If you’re a fan of Where the Wild Things Are, be sure to check out Gavin’s crown from Little Blue Olive in a couple of the photos!

Also, be on the lookout for Asher’s second birthday session coming up soon.  Leslie and I have BIG plans for his session, and I can’t wait!

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