I Heart Faces: Friendship

Earlier this week, my friend Leslie tipped me off to a huge field of sunflowers.  The flowers were close to wilting, however, so Leslie and I loaded up our boys and headed to the field to try to get some photos while the flowers were still pretty.  The photos are adorable, and I plan to share a post of my favorites later today.

In the meantime, however, I would love to share my submission to the photo challenge taking place at I Heart Faces right now.  The theme is “Friendship,” and I thought this photo was perfect.


One of the goals that we set with Finley’s therapists when we first received his autism diagnosis was for him to initiate play with Gavin. Up until a couple of months ago, Finley didn’t initiate play with anyone.  He preferred to stay in his own little world, and if we chose to join him, he was happy…but he didn’t seem to care either way.  That was the most heartbreaking aspect of his autism, for me.  When I found out that Finley was going to be a boy, I immediately had visions of he and Gavin as best friends.  Up until a couple of months ago, that was not reality for us.

Theses days, our reality is a bit different.  These days, Gavin and Finley are best friends, but their friendship runs deeper and shows itself in more subtle ways.  I understand their bond when Gavin rises for the day and immediately asks where Finley is.  Their friendship shows itself when Gavin finds Finley’s little rubber bracelet (one of his calming triggers) for him.  I see how much Finley loves his big brother when he climbs into Gavin’s bed with him.  This photo, however, demonstrates my favorite of all the forms their friendship takes.  When Finley initiates play with Gavin, I start to see the best friends I imagined when I knew I would be the mother of two little boys.

Go ahead and head over to http://iheartfaces.com to see the really amazing photos that photographers are submitting this week!

Photo Challenge Submission
Read more at http://www.iheartfaces.com/how-it-works/grab-a-button/#CuHYwxcy0kEPKb8s.99

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