Leslie, Lilly, & Kinnett

Ever since I first started my photography business I have said that one-year-olds were my favorite kids to photograph.  Lilly and Kinnett made me seriously rethink that after their session with me.  I never knew just how much fun seven and eight-year-olds could be until spending a little time with Lilly and Kinnett.  They were awesome little models with their own ideas for poses, and I loved giving them the opportunity to let their personalities shine.  And apparently I made a positive impression on them as well.  Leslie later reported that Kinnett made quite the plea to invite me to breakfast with them one day after our first session together, which I consider to be the ultimate compliment!

I actually shot Leslie, Lilly, and Kinnett twice.  The first time, the weather was dreary and ugly.   And even though we got some beautiful photos anyway (including a few where Leslie’s kids chose their own outfits, poses, and activities), I wasn’t completely resolved that I got all of the photos I wanted.  So I went back a week later and took more.  The weather for the second session was absolutely perfect, and after that particular session, I left knowing that I had gotten the photos I felt I had missed the first time.  We had a ton of fun during both of our sessions together, and Leslie and I ended up chatting long after our sessions were over.

Leslie is our local Matilda Jane trunk keeper, and I have been buying Matilda Jane clothing from her for many years now.  She’s absolutely fabulous at what she does, and I am so grateful that she introduced our community to such an awesome company with such beautiful clothes.  Check out Leslie’s Facebook page and be sure to let her know if you are in need of a Matilda Jane Clothing fix!  In the meantime, check out some favorites from the two sessions we had together below (our sunny session is first).  ❤

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