Beth, Jeremy, Maddie, & Ellie

I love photographing families.  I absolutely, positively, LOVE photographing families.  I especially love photographing families who are all about having fun at their session, like Beth, Jeremy, and Maddie.  Beth is pregnant with a sweet baby girl named Ellie, and she wanted to document her pregnancy as well as get some awesome family photos, and I was more than happy to oblige.  Beth and I are both teachers at Russell County High School and I have always loved every opportunity I have had to chat with her.  Not only is she super sweet (and adorable), but Beth is also a top-notch agriculture teacher at our school.  I’m always amazed by her knowledge and abilities, and the opportunity to spend time with her awesome family was lovely.  Jeremy was game for anything I asked of him, and Maddie was full of giggles and fun.  However, as amazing as they all were, I think Boots is the one who truly stole my heart.  Check out the photos below.  You will know Boots when you see him.  🙂

For Beth, Jeremy, Maddie, and Ellie’s session, Beth wanted to be sure we captured all the things her family loves most.  I think we did just that.  ❤

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