Junk Pony

If you happen to be a local fan, then I’m sure you are familiar with Junk Pony.  What started as a small booth at a peddler’s mall has graduated to a full-fledged boutique store on Main Street in Russell Springs.  My friend Shana has a true passion for transforming other people’s “junk” into fabulous items, and Junk Pony will be full of incredible pieces that she, along with her mother Ramona, has poured her heart into in order to make other people’s homes more beautiful and unique.  In addition to furniture, Junk Pony will also be featuring super stylish clothes and accessories for the entire family, and I absolutely cannot wait until the store’s official opening on August 2 so I can start shopping locally instead of having to drive for at least an hour and a half or get online to buy my clothes.

Shana had the idea for this session quite some time ago, but it wasn’t until she made the leap to opening the store that we got serious about following through with it.  I wish I could take credit for the awesome setup for this shoot, but this was all Shana.  I really wish I could take her along to every session so that she could style them for me!  I love these photos because I feel like they show the true personalities of the people behind Junk Pony and the relationships they have with one another.  Only 15 more sleeps until Junk Pony is officially my favorite place to shop!

This first photo needs an explanation.  Why?  Because she wasn’t even posing.  I was trying to get my lighting correct and testing out a few shots while she lounged on the set.  At one point, she threw her hands in the air and said, “I LOVE MY JUNK!”

This photo is Shana, in a nutshell.  🙂
2014-07-12 junkpony 030-1There are a few others in the collage below that I feel I should explain, but I think I will let them speak for themselves.

After the “junk” session, Shana and I had to take advantage of the classic Ford truck, while it was available, so we snapped a few photos that are now a few of my favorites.

I also grabbed a shot that I think is pretty darn sweet.  I think this shot of Jason helping his lady off the back of a truck is pretty cute.  🙂

2014-07-12 junkpony 274-2And last, but certainly not least, I DO want to explain the following photo.  We fought harsh sunlight throughout the session because we were afraid of rain at the time we had initially scheduled for the shoot.  I tried to compensate with a little off-camera flash and a reflector (which helped a LOT), but just as we finished the session and they started loading everything back into the house and garage, the sun went behind a cloud.  The best lighting I had, the entire session, was for this photo of Jason and his beloved bull figurine.  Gotta love that bull, right Shana? 🙂

2014-07-12 junkpony 338-1

When August rolls around, be sure to pay a visit to Junk Pony!

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