Ramona & Kevin

When I first met Ramona, I had no idea that she was my good friend Shana’s mother.  I only knew of Ramona as the awesome office manager at the Tooth Booth who always overlooked my post-extraction craziness until after I came to know Shana better.  I never imagined that the pretty blond lady at my favorite dental office was old enough to be Shana’s mom.  Sister? Yes.  Cool aunt? Yes.  But mom?  No way.  Once you see these photos, I know you will agree.  And as for Kevin, Shana’s “Daddy Hen” is one of the best guys I have met in a long time.  I love having awesome people like Ramona and Kevin in my life, and I had such a good time taking photos of them.  Of course Shana had to jump in a few as well, and I love them too.  And the location?  Ramona and Kevin’s property is my favorite place to shoot.  🙂

Check out a few of my favorites from their session below!

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