Gavin is FOUR!

I know I’m burning up this blog with personal posts lately, but this particular session has actually been planned for several months.  One of my personal practices while running my photography business has been to mark special days off in my calendar at the beginning of the year to guarantee that I don’t schedule work on an important day or weekend.  I also schedule the personal sessions I want to do for myself, just like a session for a client.  Gavin’s session has actually been on my calendar since January.  I failed to take photos of him for his third birthday, and I still wasn’t confident with my camera for his second birthday…so this session is actually Gavin’s very first solo session with me.

For Gavin’s session, I wanted to do the same thing I did for Finley’s recent birthday session.  I wanted to focus on the things he loves, and I wanted the setting to be simple.  Right now, the things he loves most are Legos and superheroes, and I wanted the focus of the photos to be on him and his favorites.  We just painted our walls, so I set up a small area in my living room for the first part of these photos, but my gracious friend, Candice Robertson of C. Robertson Photography was kind enough to let me use her awesome studio for the second half.  You’ll know those photos when you see them.  They are awesome, and her studio is mostly responsible for their awesomeness!

Before I share my photos, let me tell you a little about Gavin.  He was born on July 14, 2010 at 4:35 pm to the sounds of “King of Pain” by The Police.  He weighed 9 pounds, 1 ounce, and he sounded like a goose when he ate.  Unfortunately for him, David and I still call him Goose, and probably always will.  Most importantly, he completely stole my heart.

IMG_6807IMG_6871 Since then, we have loved every second of watching his personality develop.  He has an imagination bigger than any I have ever encountered.  He’s goofy, loveable, polite, and as sweet as can be.  He’s a little reserved when he meets people for the first time, just like his daddy.  He’s sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve, just like his mommy.  His best friend is a monkey lovey named “Horse” (featured in the first photo below), he still sucks his thumb, he loves his dog Ollie WAY more than anyone else in our house does, and Rocky Balboa is his hero.  His big brown eyes melt my heart, and I wish he could stay this age forever.

Happy fourth birthday to my little buddy, Gavin.  ❤

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