Sarah, John, Hayden, and Luke

Over the course of my photography career, I have been blessed with many opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and reconnect with old ones.  One of my greatest blessings has been to work with family I don’t get to see often.  I am always humbled when family members who have traveled long distances to visit with loved ones sacrifice part of that time for a session with me.  I consider it one of the highest compliments I receive, and my session with my cousin Sarah from Colorado was no exception.

Sarah and I had not seen each other for many, many years, but as soon as her family arrived to the session, I felt like we were old friends.  I see Sarah’s dad fairly often, since we live in the same town, and I always look forward to his hugs.  Luckily for me, he and Sarah’s grandmother (my great-aunt) also came along for the session, so I was able to get one of those fabulous hugs from him.

I knew heading into the session that Sarah’s boys are kind of opposites.  Hayden is super sweet and calm.  Luke is super spirited and outgoing.  Both of them were so much fun to work with.  We had a great time during our session catching frogs, racing across fields, and studying lightning bugs.  And what made this session even more special was the location.  Our shoot took place on the farm where Sarah’s dad was literally born and raised.  In fact, there were pieces of his old home still in the ground underneath the tree where it once stood.

I hope you enjoy these photos from their session.  This session produced a few new favorites of mine, for sure!

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