Jekyll Island Vacation

This post is a little bit of a deviation from what has become my norm here on the blog.  Instead of blogging a recent session or an entry in a photo competition, I’m blogging my personal photos.  More specifically, I’m blogging photos from our vacation to Jekyll Island, Georgia last week.  This year marked our second trip to Jekyll Island in a row, and we had more fun than I can accurately describe in a blog post.  We also got reconnected as a family, and David and I learned a few life lessons while on vacation that we brought back with us in an effort to maintain that connection.  I won’t get too personal with this post, but our week away together without computers, limited time on our phones, no video games to distract our kiddos, and close quarters in the little one-bedroom condo we love at the Villas by the Sea resort provided us with a new appreciation for the benefits we all experience as a result of focused time together.  Both of my boys loved our visit so, so much.  Finley went the entire trip without any major meltdowns, and Gavin never wanted to leave.  Actually, I don’t think any of us did.  I even made a point to only spend 5-10 minutes of each event taking photos.  The rest of the time, I put my camera away and enjoyed making memories with my family.

If you aren’t familiar with Jekyll Island, Georgia, you should definitely check it out.  The island is small, mostly undeveloped, and super relaxing.  The beaches were never crowded, and there are a ton of little spots with amazing stories, such as the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Glory Beach, Driftwood Beach, and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.  I captioned a few of the photos I have included in this post so that you know what you are looking at, but you are really missing out if you don’t do a little research on Jekyll Island to learn more.  Better yet, how about taking a trip there yourself?  🙂

Some of my favorite memories from the trip?

  • Finley discovered his shadow for the first time at the Georgia welcome center.
  • We saw a dolphin out in the water on our last day at the beach.  I have visited several beaches and hoped to see a dolphin in the wild since I was ten years old.  This trip marked the first time I ever did.
  • I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing photographer named Jennifer Tacbas of Jennifer Leigh Photography who took photos for us.  We had an amazing experience, and I plan to blog about it soon.  In the meantime, check out her fabulous work on her website and Facebook page.
  • Gavin fell in love with the beach and ventured out into the water way more than I ever would.  Luckily, David is not quite the chicken that I am and stayed right by his side.
  • We visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, which we had to miss out on last year.  The boys loved seeing the turtles, and I loved seeing the turtles being worked on by a medical team in the hopes of releasing them back into the ocean.
  • Fried green tomatoes from the Driftwood Bistro and chocolate-dipped chocolate soft serve ice cream from Dairy Queen (the ONLY fast food restaurant on the island).  I don’t feel like either of those need an explanation, actually.

Enjoy some of the photos from my trip below.  Most of them are just snapshots, but a few were special to me and received special editing.  I also created a little slideshow of our photos, but I’m having problems embedding the video here.  You can watch it by clicking here.  🙂


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