Kelly & Cody’s Wedding

If you had asked me what types of sessions I shoot a year ago, I would have said families, babies, seniors, and couples.  Period.  If you had asked if I ever do weddings, I would have said no.  I probably would have repeated that word several times, laughed, and ended with, “…and I never will.”

Never say never, right?

If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I’m not exactly a calm person, by nature.  I like to tell myself I go with the flow and that I’m laid-back and awesome, but the reality is, I’m usually more like Hammy from Over the Hedge in my head.  I’m just good at hiding it.  I have admired wedding photographers from afar, but I never thought I would reach a level where I felt confident enough to shoot a wedding.  Weddings are big time.  You don’t have the option of a reshoot with a wedding, if something goes wrong.  The pressure!  The stress!  The editing afterwards!

But something happened a few months ago.  A dear friend contacted me about shooting her wedding in December, and I started to ask myself what I was so afraid of.  I’m smart.  People tell me I’m a tad talented.  And I over-prepare to the millionth degree when something important comes up. I could do this.  So I agreed to do her wedding…and then another…and then another…and before I knew it, I had shot my first wedding.

And boy, what a perfect first wedding it was!  Kelly and Cody are two of the sweetest people I have met in a while, and their wedding was perfect for them.  It was sweet.  It was low-key.  It was personal.  The location was absolutely gorgeous.  The church was tiny, old, and beautiful.  The historical cottage where the girls got ready (and where we took some of the photos) was the most adorable spot I had visited in a long time.  And the people?  Not only are they all absolutely gorgeous as well, but they treated me with so much kindness that I wanted to join the family too by the end of the day.  🙂

Kelly and Cody, thank you for blessing me by including me in your day.  It was perfect, in every way.  ❤

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