Audrey’s First Birthday

You might recognize the pretty little gal in this post.  Her name is Audrey, and I have been taking her photo for half of her life.

I love the way that sounds.  It’s much better than “I have been taking her photo for the last six months,” right?

Some of my favorite photos that I have taken have been of Audrey, and I often use them on my website as examples of my photography skills, like this one, which I took when she was six months old:


…and this one, which I took when she was nine months old:


What you guys don’t realize, however, is that getting awesome photos of Audrey has always been easy for me.  First of all, she’s incredibly adorable on her own.  Second of all, she has such a sweet little personality that working with her has always been a breeze, even though her momma might argue that she was grumpy a time or two during previous sessions.  I still thought she was the sweetest little grumpy baby ever.

One of the greatest compliments I ever receive is when clients return to me for more photos.  When Audrey’s mom, Whitney, contacted me about taking photos at Audrey’s first birthday party, I got super excited.  I LOVE taking photos at birthday parties, and not just because of cake…although that DOES factor into my love for photographing birthday parties a little.

Okay, okay….a lot.

However, I also love the simple fact that I get to make a momma’s job a little easier.  When I photograph birthday parties, the moms involved don’t have to worry about capturing all the important moments or little details, because I do it for them.  I love that.  I love that none of those moments will fail to be preserved.  I love that parents get to enjoy the day just a little more without feeling like they missed a perfect photo.  I also love cake…well, desserts of any kind, really.  The strawberries in the snow at Audrey’s party was so good that I almost felt guilty for charging for my photography services!

Prior to the party, we did a bit of a mini-session for Audrey’s one-year photos.  Take a look at a few of my favorites below.  I also included a few of the snapshots I caught of Audrey during the party.  In addition to her one-year photos, her parents are getting a ton of awesome photos of the guests and festivities of the day, but I only included little miss Audrey in this post.  After all, it WAS her party! 🙂


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