Paint Fight: A Family Session

When I first posted a couple of photos from a recent family photo session that involved a paint fight on my Facebook page, the reaction people had was amazing.  What those people didn’t know, however, was that this particular session had been in the works for months.  And when I say months, I really mean MONTHS…as in, at least six.  I have taken photos for my friend Davene in the past, and she came up with the idea of having a paint fight for their photos back before our last session in the fall.  However, the weather cooled off very quickly, and we were afraid that having an outdoor paint fight in the middle of winter probably wasn’t the best idea ever.  So we waited.  And oh, how it was worth the wait!

Davene and I have been good friends for a long time.  She is the art teacher at the high school where I teach English, and she is also the incredibly talented photographer who took most of my two boys’ earliest photos.  In fact, I hope that Marlei and Harper (Davene’s two oldest) like younger men, because we have already decided that one of them will marry Gavin, and sweet Milo Ren (the baby) will marry Finley.  Now that I have children of my own, arranged marriages don’t sound too bad.

This session goes down in the books as the most fun I think I have ever had during a session.  The theme fit the family perfectly, and I can’t think of better photos to show who they are as a unit.  Somehow, I managed to escape this session without any paint splatters on my own clothes, although I did cut things pretty closely a time or two, which you will see in some of the photos.  This is how our session started…


And this is how it ended…


Enjoy the photos below that show how our session got to that point.  🙂

One final note: Every image you see here was edited using actions from the Inspire set from MCP Actions.  MCP didn’t pay me to say that.  I just love MCP.  🙂


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