He Said She Said Workshop: The Photos

A few weeks ago, I decided to press the pause button on all the other work I was doing and edit the photos I took while at the He Said She Said workshop in Chicago.  The files had been sitting on my computer for a little while, but they meant a lot to me….a LOT….so I finally just grabbed the bull by the horns and decided that everything else could wait.  I edited them.  I loved them.  And then I didn’t do anything with them.

Tonight, I finally realized why I waited so long to share these photos.  I have been working on my website ever since returning from the workshop.  For the last six weeks, I have poured hours into making this website exactly what I envisioned.  Although I hit a few bumps in the road along the way (and wanted to pull my hair out several times), I can proudly announce that this website is finished.  It’s as close to perfect as I think I can get it, and it’s exactly what I wanted.  I had all my other blog posts transferred in from my old website, but this blog post is brand spanking new to the website itself.

How perfect is it that the first new post is full of photos that I took at the workshop that made me realize I needed a new website in the first place?

I already gushed about the He Said She Said workshop and the dynamic Smith duo in a previous post.  I would love for you to read it here, if you haven’t already, so that you understand just how much the workshop meant to me before seeing the photos I took while there.

Have I mentioned that I love Jean and Travis Smith yet?  No?

Well, I do.

The trip to Chicago was a whirlwind adventure for David and me, and I had a blast from the moment we left the driveway.  Not only did I have the experience of a lifetime at the workshop, but I also got a chance to spend some desperately-needed time with my husband.  We have been through a lot the last few months (to know why, click here), and having some time to focus on each other was amazing.  I don’t think we stopped talking for a single minute the entire seven-hour drive from Kentucky to Chicago, actually, until we hit the city and saw this skyline for the first time:


At the workshop, when Jean started demonstrating shooting a session for us, she told us we were welcome to shoot as well, but I was pretty terrified to even pick up my camera in front of her, let alone actually use it to take a photo in her presence.  What if I was holding it wrong and looked stupid?  What if she caught a glimpse of the back of my camera and saw a horrendously exposed photo?  It only took a few minutes for me to realize my fears were completely ridiculous, but by that time, Jean was almost finished with the family session.  However, I did get a couple of shots that I loved.  Check them out.



I also have to make a confession.  I felt like a total camera ninja trying to sneak photos of Jean while she was shooting without her catching me and thinking I was crazy.  I needed documented proof of her awesomeness.   I can’t help it.  As a result, I did get a couple of cool shots–one while she was working with the family and another while working with a couple.



By the time we moved outside to do an engagement-style shoot, I was feeling much more comfortable about trying to get a few of my own shots to see exactly what Jean was teaching us as she was shooting.  These shots made me desperately want to go back to Chicago for photography purposes!


After the engagement shoot, Jean’s husband, Travis, took over to demonstrate a high school senior shoot.  I passed the camera off to David so that he could get a little practice too, and he caught this awesome shot.  He’s pretty upset that he cut off her toes, but I think he did pretty well.  I did the editing for him, and since he doesn’t have a watermark, he allowed me to slap mine on it and use it in this post.  Thanks, dear.  🙂


Before we left on Sunday morning, I had to grab a couple of shots of David in the city.   I want to go back.  Yes, I know I already said that.  I wanted to make sure it was clear.  I. WANT. TO. GO. BACK.

Like…..today.  🙂 20140419-20140419-chicago-005-120140419-20140419-chicago-019-1-2

And last, but certainly not least, I fell completely in love with the landscape of northern-Indiana/southern-Illinois.  I had to take a few photos as we drove home to show how gorgeous the wide-open spaces and wind farms are.


I hope you enjoyed my Chicago photos.  Planning a trip there soon?  I’d love be your personal photographer while there!  🙂

Look for a post in the future that will link you to my fellow workshop attendees’ websites/Facebook pages.  I made some awesome friends who happen to be amazing photographers while I was in Chicago, and I feel like everyone needs to know who they are and see the incredible work they do too!

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