Shana & Jason: My Special Photography Project

Over the course of our relationship, my husband and I have had several conversations about the people in our lives we consider to be kindred spirits. There are a handful of people in our lives who just seem to fit right from the beginning and feel like they have been a part of our lives much longer than they really have.

If you follow my Facebook page, then you are already familiar with my gorgeous friend Shana. Shana is one of those people for me. Although our paths crossed several times in the last ten years or so (including once in Vegas while waiting for a cab), we didn’t really get to know each other until a few months ago when I became a patient at Shana’s dental office and Shana started straightening out the damage that a 22-year strike on dentists had on my teeth. Four extractions and four fillings later, I now consider Shana to be one my closest and most loyal friends, and the official Lindsay Williams Photography lens-testing model. 🙂

20140430-shana-179-1-3 20140430-shana-322-1

I knew that Shana and her husband, Jason, were in the process of trying to adopt a baby, and when Shana found out that I am a photographer, she mentioned having me take photos for the book they would create to give the adoption agency to show birth parents. Over the last few weeks, these photos have become a very special project for me.

The more I learned about Shana and Jason, the more convinced I became that they will be amazing parents one day. As a matter of fact, Shana and Jason are now in an insanely elite group of friends who have kept our two boys overnight.  There is only one other couple in that group (aside from grandparents), actually!

I do not care to admit that I have been angry, sad, and frustrated for them at times because of the lengthy and difficult process they have undertaken in order to be parents when that same process is not required for birth parents (and yes, I’m including myself in that statement). However, Shana and Jason have had such positive attitudes and open hearts through the process that I have not only come to appreciate their friendship, but I have also come to admire their strength and humility as well.

The book they are creating required photos of specific things, such as their hobbies, families, friends, pets, and jobs. I was so insanely blessed that they chose me to help them fill their book with evidence of the amazing life their son or daughter will have with them one day. I hope you enjoy these photos. They are pretty dear to my heart.

First, how could you NOT love someone who lives in a pink house?  Yes, I said pink.


We took a few photos to show Shana’s love for horses and Jason’s job training Tennessee Walking Horses.  These are a few of my favorites.

Horse-Board-1I also took a few photos to show Shana’s hobbies (check out Junk Pony’s Facebook page to see some of her fabulous work refinishing furniture!), her friends, and the job that resulted in our friendship.  Check out the Tooth Booth’s Facebook page to get a glimpse into why I love going to the dentist these days.  Seriously.  Not only is Shana an amazing dentist, but her office and the girls who work for her are so incredible that I forget I’m there for dental work when I go!


Dentist-Board-1Dentist-Board-2At some point, we realized we had been leaving Jason out of all of these photos, so we did a session in their home that included him.  🙂



We also made a point to get some photos of Jason with his friends and his hobbies as well.


And finally, we did a few shots of Shana, Jason, and their girls Abby and Molly.


Did I mention we also got some shots of Abby learning to swim?

Don’t worry.  She was never in any danger, and she’s a total water dog these days.  🙂


My experience taking photos for Shana and Jason resulted in an awesome friendship, and I pray every day that it helped result in Shana and Jason expanding their family soon.  I have no doubt they will be amazing parents to a very lucky little boy or girl someday, and I’m so incredibly blessed that they are a part of my own little family’s life.

Shana and Jason, we love you guys.  ❤

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