Welcome to the World, Knox!

When Kara contacted me while still pregnant about taking photos of sweet Knox once he arrived, I was super excited.  Not only have I known Kara and her husband Josh since they first met in high school, but I also knew that the session would give me the chance to try a more lifestyle approach to newborn photography.  Since lifestyle photography is kind of my thing (and by “kind of my thing” I really mean “I kind of feel like my heart will explode every time I think about how much I love it”), I knew that their session would be awesome.  Their session was also my first opportunity to try out some of the new things I had learned at the He Said She Said workshop I recently wrote about, so that made me even more excited.

I had such a good time working with Kara, Josh, Porter, and Knox.  Porter is hilarious and did everything we asked her to do.  I love the sweet moments I caught with all of them, and the love that Porter has for her baby brother was adorable, no matter what this hilarious outtake might lead you to believe:

20140428-branscums-291-1Check out the photos from Knox’s newborn session.  Photos like this almost make me wish we had settled on three children instead of two.  Almost.  🙂


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