Taylor is ONE!

You guys may recognize Taylor.  He was featured in a previous post for his nine-month photos, which you can check out here.  Well, he’s back, and this time, he’s an entire year old.  🙂

Taylor’s entrance to the world on May 7, 2013 was a scary one, and every encounter I have the honor of experiencing with Taylor reminds me how awe-inspiring life can be sometimes.  His session also reminded me of how quickly time slips by, because I really felt like it was such a short time ago that I was hearing of his early arrival into the world.

Sweet little Taylor gave me a bit of a run for my money during his session, but it turned out to produce some of the cutest photos ever, as well as some pretty unique firsts for me.  Aside from being the first cake smash session I was on the brink of thinking would result in zero cake smashed, it was also the first time I waded through a creek for a session, watched an Amish family drive by in their horse and buggy between shots, and had a client catch crawdads while shooting.


Check out these adorable photos from Taylor’s session.  As you can see, the cake was most definitely smashed after all!


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