Erin & Derek

One of the very first jobs I ever had (and the one I had the longest prior to becoming a teacher) was as a server in a local restaurant.  I learned everything I know about work ethic from that job, I overcame my terror at speaking to people I didn’t know, I worked harder than I think I have ever worked, and I met the man who became my husband as a result of that job.

That job also brought Erin into my life, where she has remained ever since.  Erin and I used to convince customers that we were sisters, play hide-and-seek on extra slow nights at the restaurant, and make K-Mart runs on our breaks to spend all our tip money when we worked double shifts together.  For four years, she was my sidekick at Brooke & Buc’s Roadhouse.  In the seven years since I left my job as a server, Erin still refers to me as “Big Sis,” and we would probably still be up for a game of hide-and-seek if we had free reign over what is now The Cove.  When Erin asked if I would take some photos for her first anniversary with her husband, Derek, I couldn’t wait!  Their session was tons of fun, and it will go down in the books as taking place in the location with the most gorgeous sunset ever.

Take a look!  If Erin looks familiar to you, there’s a reason.  She was one of the gorgeous “brides” in this gal pal session!


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