Brand Love, First Edition: MCP Actions

This is not typical of my types of posts, and I am well aware of that.  However, I felt the need to start sharing a few of my favorite photography brands with you on the blog every once in a while.  These are the companies who have made me the photographer I am today, and maybe checking them out will inspire some of you who need inspiration and help some of you who want to improve.  I’m still constantly working on my photography skills, and these are the companies who are making that happen.

First up is MCP Actions.  MCP is essentially the company to whom I owe the majority of my success, thus far, as a photographer.  I discovered MCP in January 2013 when I was searching for a professional action company to take my editing to the next level.  After drooling over one of MCP’s sets, I finally purchased it the following month, and I was blown away by the quality of the actions and the new level of professionalism they provided to my edits.

london-045-beforeafterSince then, I have purchased additional action sets from MCP, and although my workflow would involve a million more hours of computer time (and I never would have learned how to utilize layers myself without them), their actions are just a small portion of why I owe so much to MCP Actions.  MCP’s blog has also been my go-to spot for photography education.  I have learned a TON from the posts there, about everything from equipment, settings, and techniques while shooting to business advice and editing tricks.  MCP Actions also has an online community that has provided incredible feedback on my work from photographers who know way more about what they are doing than I do.  I also love the Show & Tell aspect of MCP’s blog, where photographers have submitted examples of how MCP’s actions have transformed their photos, along with their editing recipes and camera settings.  I have learned a TON about what works and what doesn’t work on the technical side of photography from Show & Tell.

However, let me tell you a little story that illustrates the number one reason I will forever be grateful to MCP Actions and Jodi Friedman, the lady behind all the action at MCP Actions.  I was headed out the door after work one day in December when I happened to notice an e-mail from Jodi on my phone.  The subject line said, “have you checked…” and the rest of the message said, “The contest page for the Tamron Lens????”  Earlier in the month, I had entered yet another giveaway on Facebook, and I had even remarked to my husband, “You know how you know you married a dreamer?  I enter these contests really thinking I will win one of them one day!”  I noticed that I was the only recipient of the e-mail, so I ran (seriously…RAN) the ten feet to my desk while saying, “Oh my gosh…oh my gosh…oh my gosh…” the entire way, turned on my computer, and almost fainted when I saw my name listed as the winner of a contest that had over 30,000 entries.  I had won a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens worth $1500.00

And about two weeks later, that lens arrived (on Christmas Eve Eve), along with my brand new, Canon 5D Mark III camera, which I had dreamed about owning since I first started getting serious about photography.  Winning the Tamron lens was just the reason David and I needed to bite the bullet and invest the money necessary for me to take my photography and his videography to the next level.  I am in no way saying that good equipment = a good photographer.  What I AM saying is that good equipment in the hands of a photographer who knows what she’s doing = a photographer who can finally show the world what she’s made of…and a photographer who HAS to improve because she doesn’t have any excuses NOT to anymore.  My upgraded equipment and improved skills as a result of MCP Actions have led to a couple of features on the MCP Actions Facebook and Show & Tell pages, a Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 lens (when I talked Jodi Friedman into selling hers to me), a spot on an advisory board and a couple of phone conversations with Jodi, and I am ecstatic to announce that I am dabbling in a little guest blogging for the MCP Actions blog as a way to give back just a tiny fraction of what MCP has given to me.  My first post is coming up next month, and I can’t wait to send you guys all over to MCP’s blog to read it.

If you are just starting out with photography, or even if you are just a mom who wants to be able to take good pictures of her kids or a seasoned pro wanting to speed up your workflow and learn a few new things…check out some of the aspects of MCP Actions that I linked to above.  I promise you won’t be sorry.


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